Curl Update

My list for today:
  • As we were checking out at the bookstore yesterday, Rory hugged my leg, looked up at me, and said, "you're the best mommy ever." I almost blubbered like a baby.
  • I am in full on cleaning/organizational/purging mode. The kids and Brian better lock their stuff away. I'm just saying.
  • We've been working (hard) on Camden's attitude. Let's be honest: he's more than a little moody and needs some attitude adjustment. I can't handle attitude every time I ask him to brush his teeth, blow his nose, or set the table, etc. We've got alot of years left before he can decide how often he's going to do those things, and I refuse to live with a child who complains constantly. Anyway, he's been doing better (after lots and lots of talks, rewards, punishments) and the other day I overheard him mutter under his breath as he put up a sticker on his reward chart, "take THAT, devil!"
Because of the aforementioned purging/cleaning thing going on, it's a short list this week. :)

Our second attempt at curls.

This is her "you better listen to me" look.

From our disastrous Labor Day park trip


Bekah said…
You had me cracking up Rory's pictures are just too darn cute. I love the, "Take that devil" comment too! Thanks for the laughs...I needed that!
How did you not start sobbing in the middle of the store?! I would have! Oh Camden, just when I think you can't possibly come up with a better one-liner - you do!
his one liners are the best! and gotta love the tugging at momma's heart strings!

Keep the stories coming

P.S... After reading about your curlers, it makes me want to try something w/ Bella's super short hair!
Joy said…
I thought of you - there is an article in Adoptive Families about styling Asian hair! :) I thought I'd save it a few years until Sumner's hair grows in. LOL

Would you come help with my house next? Everytime I try to sneak something out, it magically appears again.....hmmmmm.....LOL

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