93% humidity is what we have this morning. Seriously. I am so ready for some fall weather, and 93% humidity just doesn't cut it. I put Rory in sponge rollers to sleep in last night (after recommendations from my bloggy friends), but it will be useless with this much moisture in the air. She was too funny - she thinks the rollers are the accessories and was very concerned that no one mess up her air when we hugged and kissed her goodnight.
Lauren Reid: You're Moody

Rachel Young/Gabi: Dance Your Dance


Ugh. I hate humidity.

I swear I saw a "new" product recently that was supposed to be the "next generation of pin curls" (which is what I had to do to get curls... not fun at all) If I see it again, I'll let you know!
And that's too funny about Rory's "accessories!"
Jaime said…
Ok, Rory is adorable. Violet is the same way, she loves the curlers. I think maybe in your humidity heated ones might be better. These are the bEST for kids because they aren't really hot on their heads and don't burn. They are from the 80's. I found mine at the goodwill but there are lots on ebay. We just used them this morning and they work so well.


might be worth a shot :) Violet also has straight hair and we have humidity and they work great!

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