This is one of the first pages I ever scrapped 4 years ago. It's pretty horrible, and I decided I couldn't stand it any longer.

Here's the new version. Much better!

Lauren Reid: You and Me


Anonymous said…
I liked the first one. It didn't distract from the photo. Plain and to the point. Good looking boys, why distract?
Krista said…
Horrible?! They are both lovely.
Bekah said…
You crack me up...they are both great!
Paula said…
I don't think it was horrible just is fun to look back at our old pages and see how much we have progressed as a scrapper. I REALLY love the new page though!!
joelsgirl said…
I think the new one is great! And the old one totally needed a do over. ;)
How did I miss this?! I like them both - but the new one is much more your style! Nice!

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