Fall has arrived!

Fall has finally arrived! We have had beautiful (a.k.a. cool) weather the last 2 days, and I love it! Here's a quick picture of Rory wearing long sleeves for the first time this season. In hopes that the warm weather is gone for good, I cleaned out all the summer clothing and hung up all her fall/winter clothes. The closet is more than a little full so it better stay cool!

The number of kids with the flu in Brian's classroom is now EIGHT! That leaves him 12 healthy children in his room. So far the schools are resisting closing down even though there was approximately 30% of students gone. They even sent a memo telling the teachers that they are required to continue teaching new material while the students are gone. I think it's just time to call it a day and shut down so everyone can get well and stop sharing germs. That would be my completely professional opinion. :)

Rory and I walked yesterday with 2 friends from church and are headed back out this morning after we drop Camden off. The rest of the day was spent with dirty clothes and the washing machine. I think today's agenda includes getting yet another box of clothing ready to sell (Rory has outgrown some of her fall 2t things before she got a chance to wear them!) and maybe some quality time with puzzles and books.

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Joy said…
Rory - What a doll! We are loving the weather too, and yes, it better stay this way!

Is Camden still enjoying school?
I have to do the closet switch-a-roo too and am dreading it. I do think that I have too many "too big" fall clothes. I might need to go shopping... oh the horror!

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