Swine Flu

I realize I sound like a broken record, but enough with the humidity and rain! I am grateful that we're not in the area of Tennessee where it's flooding, but I am so sick of rain and bad weather. Where is fall? I think most of my problem is that I grew up in northern Illinois where we didn't start school until after Labor Day and fall had most definitely arrived by then. You'd think after 12 years in Tennessee, I'd be used to the weather by now.

Brian's 4th grade class has a confirmed case of swine flu and he had 3 kids go home sick yesterday. I kinda want to disinfect him as he walks through the door every day. :)

Rory decided to grace us (several times) with her Shake It routine during gymnastics last night and had everyone cracking up. She is still just loving it although her trampoline skills are sorely lacking. I've been letting her jump on the bed (don't tell Camden) and she's getting better. Here are just a few of things that came our of her mouth yesterday. I'm telling you, this girl is a character:
  • Fine. Whatever.
  • It's none of you's bizness, mommy.
  • Yuck. It smells like poop in here.
  • Yeah, it's no big deal.
Doesn't this sound like a teenager instead of a 2 year old?

I recently told Brian that I feel like we're just now experiencing some of the tougher issues that adoptive parents and their children must deal with. I knew the day would come when children don't just blindly accept Camden, when they notice he looks different, when they notice he looks different from his parents. No one has been cruel, but they notice and make comments and he's working through how he feels about this attention. Rory, at not quite 3, has asked questions and made statements in the last several weeks that would shock you. If I didn't hear them with my own ears, I wouldn't believe a 2 year old could possibly be processing what happened to her in Korea. In light of recent events in our house, it was timely to read these two posts about talking to your children about their story: Ten Commandments of Telling and Talking Adoption.

On today's agenda is laundry and night 2 of DWTS.

Rachel Young: Glee

Gina Miller/Rachel Young/Kate Hadfield: Caribbean Sunrise


Amanda said…
Yes, I would vote to disinfect him when he walks through the door. That junk is everywhere and I just try not to freak out. A kid in mothers day out went home with it at PVCS about a week ago now. I have been a little OCD with the washing hands and we have gone through bottles of germX.
Beth Barnhill said…
Hey Melissa,
Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog. Your kids are beautiful! Rory sounds a lot like my oldest daughter, Julia (a social butterfly!). Hope y'all are doing well.
Tim Lewis said…
That uncle Tim is one attractive man!

Enjoyed the links to the parenting posts, but I cam away feeling like a total failure!

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