Busy Friday

Between 2 trips to Nashville, taking Camden to and from school, and now another trip to Nashville to meet my friend Tina for lunch today as well as running some errands, it feels like I've lived in the car the last couple of days. And I'm headed back tomorrow to pick up my leftover consignment sale things (and my check!). Seems as if some weeks I'm home every day, and then the next week I'm gone every day.

I've been bad about keeping lists of things about the kids. I need to get back in the habit so I don't forget. Anyway, here are just a few.
  • Rory has decided this week that very kind of pasta/noodle/spaghetti is called "maca-noodles."
  • When Rory doesn't know the name of something, she calls it "that saaanng" with quite a southern drawl and a quirky frown on her face.
  • We received Camden's first kindergarten progress report yesterday. "G" for Good is the best grade you can get, and he received 13 out of 16 "G's." The other 3 were "S" for Satisfactory, which is second best. We were not surprised, but very proud of him. His teacher made a little note at the end that "Camden is always eager to answer her questions." Oh, yes! Our child would be the know-it-all, first to raise his hand child in the classroom. We've had this same note from teachers (including Sunday School) since he was 3.
  • Rory continues to have ZERO interest in cartoons . . . . unless those cartoons happen to be Dora (or Diego) and then she is absolutely glued to the TV. I have a sneaking suspicion she would watch them for hours on end. Not that I've tried it out (more than once or twice anyway).
  • Despite the fact that Camden was sick almost every weekend the first 2 years he was home, he has not even had a cold for almost 3 years. Well, our streak is now broken! He's had a cold ever since he started school 5 weeks ago. It's not bad - just enough to be annoying.
  • We're now on week 5 of dropping Camden off at school and Rory has moved from crying (which was pitiful) when we dropped Camden off to whining "Please don't let Camden stay at school" (which was mildly funny) to just a continuous whining every day when we drop him off (which is starting to drive me insane).
  • Last night at Mops, Rory got to go to the Big Kid class as she calls it. Actually, it was the 3/4 year olds, but I'll let her think she's a big kid. She had so much fun, and did not want to leave. When I showed up at the door, she looked at me like "what do you think you're doing here?" I have this vision of her getting ready for kindergarten - she will absolutely walk into that school and never give me a second chance. She is SO social. In fact, while we're having visions of the future, I have a feeling Camden is going to be our straight-A kid and Rory is going to be the popular, scare-her-parents-to-death cheerleader with a full social calendar.

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um that could be my two...
Ethan is mr. smarty pants and Bella just wants to play and dance and have fun! =)

Good Luck!
P.S. I love your tidbits of information about the kids... I wish I was that good!
Anonymous said…
For a cold to last this long, I would concider allergy. Since it started after he began a new inviroment.
What a fabulous update! They are getting such personalities, huh?!

And yeah, I think I've got the class clown here... oh boy.
Speaking of lunch with Tina, when is our next Lunch Bunch? I want to pick....Star Bagel.

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