Rory's third birthday is this weekend. How did this happen? Seriously, I can't believe she's already 3, although when you think that we missed the first half of her life, I guess I can believe it. Because we are currently living in a tropical rainforest, I haven't been able to take some pictures for her 3 year scrap pages (because they will probably be numerous), but better weather is supposed to arrive Sunday just in time for her birthday so maybe I can get pictures then (and you know she's got something cute to wear for them!).

Here is my random list for the week:
  • I almost stepped on a snake yesterday when Rory and I were out braving the rain and wet yard (a.k.a. tropical rainforest) to check the mail. The experience is enough to keep me indoors for several months.
  • Rory has reached the dreaded "watch me" stage. Camden started about age 2 and is unfortunately still in this stage. I heard everything from "watch me suck my sucker" to "watch me eat" to "watch me watch TV" from her this week. Good news - she's even more insistent than he is.
  • We had the best compliment on Camden and Rory a couple of weeks ago. A lady from our church (who is a new grandmother) told me that she hopes her grandson has a personality like Rory and Camden - that they are not only cute, but their personalities are so sweet and funny. It's one of the best compliments we've had!
  • Rory stayed with Brian's parents while I worked Wednesday, and they took her out to eat Chinese. For her birthday (which is Sunday) and Gramp's birthday (which was Wednesday) they brought out the exploding candle and sang to them. When I asked her about it, she said, "I was not scared, and I was. not. happy."
  • When Uncle Michael asked Camden what he learned at school this week, he said, "Colors." Michael commented that he already knew his colors and Camden replied, "Yeah, that's what you do at school - learn about things you already know about."
Friday is my iced coffee day from the local "coffeeshot" (per Rory). I'm going to ignore the fact that I've already had a coffee run this week before work on Wednesday. I am embracing my friend Russell's theory that it's a little thank you to myself for getting out of bed (at 5:00 no less) this morning.

Traci Reed: My 'Magination (coming tomorrow to SSD)


Joy said…
Happy Birthday to Rory!!! :) Hope she has a wonderful day!!!
M :-) said…
Camden seriously cracks me up! Noah said something similar the other day. He keeps telling me that he already knows everything that they teach him at school, so he wishes they could just play all day.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Rory - I can't believe that she's going to be 3! Wow!

Enjoy your coffee. You deserve to treat yourself!

... and the snake. Oh my! I think I would still be screaming!

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