Field Trip Friday

Camden and I experienced our first field trip today with rest of his kindergarten class. Field trips have now surpassed lunch as his favorite school activity. We went to the Nashville Adventure Science Museum, and were both happy to have Amanda and Tre as buddies for the field trip. Amanda and I talked scrapping and photography as we tried to keep up with our two busy boys. I took several pictures, but the lighting was bad and they were moving so quickly that none of them turned out all that well.

trying to lift a car
teamwork again - launching a parachute
I cannot stand how big he looks here
Racing in a sports wheelchair
my favorite picture of the day
launching a spaceship
it's no surprise that his favorite part of the day was throwing balls into the moving mouth


joelsgirl said…
SO jealous! You got some great pics, too!
Amanda said…
Your pics turned out great Melissa! Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you. I had so much fun and I know the boy did too. I will try to get some of my pics posted this week.

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