Game #1

I'm moving slow this morning, which is not a good thing considering I'm working this morning and Rory is coming with me. I've got a backpack full of fun things (including safety scissors cause that usually keeps her busy forever), a portable DVD player and her favorite Dora DVD. Okay, actually, she doesn't have a favorite Dora DVD - she'll watch any Dora you put in front of her. I have a feeling we'll be making a coffee run this morning after dropping off Camden. Maybe that will give me the patience to deal with keeping her happy while making sure I'm getting everything done I need to.

Camden's baseball game got moved from Monday to Tuesday so we were out late last night, but it was alot of fun. The boys all did much better than anyone anticipated (all but 3 of them are new this season), and we actually won the game! Of course, because they're just considered scrimmage games no one is officially keeping track (except the parents!). I can tell that Camden has matured, and he did a great job. He was up to bat 4 times and had 4 hits - not one single strike. He's back to playing first base and did a good job there as well. I think it's going to be good practice for him, and I like that it's just one night a week (although we did have an email when we got home last night asking if we wanted to add a practice night - that would be a "no" from us!). Rory's also taken cheering for the team to a whole new level. She repeats every single thing the coach says and then adds her own flavor by saying, "Run! I. SAID. RUN. NOW." She's not bossy at all, is she.

We had the best compliment from the dugout parent last night. She came over to let us know that she appreciates us because Camden is one of the very few who obeys in the dugout and she doesn't have to worry about him or keep getting on to him. We were very proud of him, and it's exactly the kind of thing we want to hear. (and I saw the dugout last night - it was a rough group!)

Okay, off to get ready myself and to drag the kids out of bed.

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