Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter weather

My plans for dinner with a friend and MOPS was derailed by sleet and a little snow. On the up side, Brian got home a little early and we all settled in for a quiet night with a good Survivor episode and a fire in the woodstove. And Brian's school has a delayed opening this morning so it's nice to have him home for a while (he's currently fixing the kid's breakfast while I blog!).

After the kids went to bed, Brian and I did some Christmas shopping online and got some really good deals for the kids on Amazon. I still need to buy a few stocking stuffers and a Lego set for Camden, and a few various other small gifts for friends and then I'm done shopping. I signed up for a free Amazon Prime trial so I even got free 2-day shipping.

I can't remember if I've mentioned Rory's sleep issues here. Ever since we got back from St. Louis in October, she has gone to bed exactly one night without sobbing. And sobbing. And sobbing. Generally, it lasts about half an hour (fellow adoptive moms, don't freak out - I'm not letting her cry in her room alone. I go in regularly to pat her back and reassure her that I'm still here). Well, in the last week that crying has increased to about 2 hours a night. I hate having her upset, and I don't really know what's causing it or how to improve it. Since she's not going to sleep until 2 hours later, it's messing up her morning time (she wakes up same time, but very cranky) and nap time. Oh, the joys of parenting and of not knowing what is the right direction to go.

We have pretty much no weekend plans. We were going to go shopping alone tomorrow, but my sister was called out of town unexpectedly. I think we still might brave the mall with the kids since I'm mostly done with their shopping thanks to the Amazon shopping spree last night.

A few funny things about the kiddos:
  • Camden has been saying, "Oh, Craddickle." No idea where that word came from!
  • Rory is going through a not-hungry stage, which means she plays and plays and plays with her food; when you try to get on to her, she gives you this big cheesy smile and giggles.
  • The whole taking your clothes off thing must be contagious because Camden got up this morning without his clothes on and couldn't remember doing it.
  • Camden is OBSESSED with Star Wars/robots/transformers these days. Of course, he's never seen a single episode of any of those, but that doesn't stop him. He has a transformer's coloring book and he looks at it incessantly asking me non-stop questions about every single page. Is it wrong if I want to scream "I DON'T CARE?" (obviously, I do have a little better self control than that).
  • Rory still loves playing with her babies. She mostly wants to undress them and then watch me put the clothes back on them. Over and over.
  • When I say it's time to go, Camden and Rory both RUSH to the door trying to get there first. They fight over whose hand was on the doorknob first. Of course, I have to just send them back because they are typically still missing their shoes or coat.
  • They are FINALLY getting along a bit better. Not all the time, of course, but there seem to be more giggles than screams these days.


Christine said...

Oh, I need an Amazon shopping spree... I really need to start buying presents!

Michelle said...

Beautiful LO!

KrisJ said...

You will LOVE Prime on Amazone! I shop all year round with that and save a ton!! I hope the falling asleep gets better, wish I had advise for that for you.