Monday, December 22, 2008

A new blog

Not me - I can only keep with this one, but Brian has decided to join the blogging world. You can read his first post here. I have a feeling he's a bit more philosophical than I am. :)

We had a really nice weekend. Our trip to Patti's was lots of fun, and the food was seriously good! Micah, Becky, and the boys made it in Saturday evening and within 5 minutes had rooted out any and every Batman and Lightning McQueen toy Camden owns. They had tons of fun playing together, and I can see this Christmas is going to be full of boyish laughs, screams, and high-energy romps through the house! Rory was a little less impressed and pretty much sat on our laps and watched them play. We'll see how long it takes her to jump in.

Our children's Christmas program was last night, and just as I suspected, Camden was the loudest one there! He seems shy in person, but put him in front of a crowd and there's no hesitation. He told us last night after the program that he was just trying to make sure the person in the back row could hear him (and I'm pretty sure they could!).

Third time's a charm, and I'm finally meeting my friend for lunch today. Brian is going to take the kids and hit up any and every store that might have Kitchenaid mixers on sale. I'm really hoping he finds one so we can have it before all the Christmas cooking begins Wednesday.

Camden at the program

You can bet I'm going to be dressing these kids back up sometime this week so I can take pictures. As you can see, this photo shoot didn't go so well.

In their holiday finery

Not a happy camper

Finally coaxed a little fake smile from her

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Joy and Jason said...

Good luck with the photo session - I love the kids' outfits! :)

Glad everyone arrived safely - sounds like you are in for a loud week. :)

Congrats to Brian and beginning his blog. Love his first post - very thought provoking...

KrisJ said...

They look darling!