Monday, December 01, 2008


I have a confession. The Christmas tree is up (and beautiful), but it wasn't a memory-making moment. At least I hope the kids don't remember! By the time we spent an hour working on broken lights, made a run in the freezing cold and rain to get new lights, then actually got them on the tree, I had no patience left for Camden bouncing off the wall, Rory screeching "my turn" over and over, and the erratic ornament placement. I should have tried to just enjoy the moment a bit more; should have just let them put the ornaments however they wanted (and then gone back and fixed them after bedtime); should have skipped trying to get cute pictures (when we were all feeling anything but "cute"). Instead, we were all on edge and cranky and just wanted it to be over with. Maybe I can make it up to them by letting them help me bake Christmas cookies (heaven, help me!).

We had a nice time on our date Saturday night although it went by so quickly. I enjoyed Twilight even if it wasn't as good as the book and look forward to the next installment. Brian even managed to enjoy it a little. We got our pictures/frames ordered and can't wait for them to arrive. I always have a bit of buyer's remorse after something like this wondering if we've made the right color and frame choices. Hopefully, they'll look good since I intend to keep them on the wall a very long time.

Brian was so very disappointed that the snow they were calling for this morning didn't arrive. He was hoping for an extra day at home. There are only 3 weeks left until Christmas break, but he says the kids will be so hyped up waiting for Christmas that they are his most difficult weeks of the year.

I was thinking yesterday of how different this holiday season is than previous years. Now that I'm not working, I'm not responsible for a ridiculous number of social events, 1000's of work Christmas cards, lots of corporate gifts, etc. I can actually do some Christmas baking for our family. I'm ahead of the game as far as gifts and projects so I feel pretty relaxed. Definitely a different feeling than previous years!

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