Monday, December 29, 2008


Things are back to normal around here: I can't sleep, Rory and Camden aren't getting along, and we're headed to the grocery store on a Monday morning. It's only 8:22, and the kids are driving each other (and me) crazy and I'm losing what little patience I have. Brian is spending the day hunting/working with his dad so it's just the 3 of us. I've promised them a trip to McDonald's Playland if they cooperate. We'll see how that bribe works.

Some funny things about the kids.


1. He said something funny Saturday morning and I laughed at him. He glared at me and said, "don't even think about putting that on your blog." I'm pretty sure he didn't know there was a blog (or what it was) until our church friends started talking to him about pictures and stories they've seen and read.
2. He came up to me yesterday with a card he had drawn for me and said, "I just wanted to give this to you because you're the best mommy. Thanks for loving me and taking care of me and being so good to me and adopting me." Awwwwwww.
3. He is TERRIFIED of The Dark Knight DVD cover my brother Matt accidentally left at our house. He would not even walk over to the end table to pick up a toy.


1. When I call her a name ("my little love muffin" was yesterday's choice), she says, "no, mommy, Wory."
2. She is so independent these days. For instance, last night at church she insisted on carrying the diaper bag, despite the fact she could hardly walk with it. And she carried it all the way up to the church, then from the church to the nursery (which is in a different building).
3. We eat our meals, then sit and watch her eat. For the first couple of months home she shoveled food in as fast as it would go. She has SIGNIFICANTLY slowed down in the last couple of weeks - it takes her forever to finish a meal. And don't even try to hurry her along or actually take the plate away when you think she's through. If the plate isn't empty, she's NOT through.

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Christine said...

Those are hysterical!! Sounds like Camden and my husband have the same line... ;-)

Jen said...

Hi Melissa,
I am delurking to say that I love you blog! I have been reading for a few months now and I love your pictures. I saw Liz and Michael at the Christmas play at Cofer's and I told her that I read your blog:~)
Have a Happy New Year!!

Lisa said...

Love your blog.. I went back to January when you picked up Rory in Korea. I enjoyed every post... we were at one time doing a foreign adoption but then life got in the way and we had to stop :( I stil think a little part wishes we could have started up again after life became more normal.