Thursday, December 04, 2008


I'm back among the land of the living today and we're all stir crazy. Unfortunately, the high is in the 30's and it's a very dreary, overcast day so I can't take the kids to the park (they've both got slight colds). If I go to the mall, we'll spend money which I'm trying to avoid doing. I nixed the idea of yet another Pajama Day (Camden asks for one EVERY day) thinking that if we were all showered, dressed, and presentable that we might feel better (not to mention it took up some time in our morning). Camden and Rory a're currently fighting over the blanket fort that I made for them in the living room. Rory doesn't think it's much fun to play under the blankets; she just wants to tear them down. You can imagine how well that goes over with Camden.

Have I mentioned that Camden has a conserving energy problem? He wants all the lights off all the time whether we're in the room or not. It's becoming quite an annoying habit! He is constantly shutting off the lights in Rory's room (which means she won't play in there by herself) as well as following me around the house turning off lights.

We had an interesting conversation with Camden last night. I think he's becoming more interested in where babies come from as well as the concept of adoption. We've talked about this ever since he was arrived in our home, but mostly he seems oblivious. Last night, however, he mentioned a family in our church and asked where the little girl was born (she's biological) and how many months was she when she came home. We explained that she grew in her mommy's tummy until she was born, and he said, "but I didn't grow in your tummy". When Brian was talking to him later telling him his story, he asked Brian what Brian's birth name was. He and Rory had birth names so he assumes everyone else does too. He still hasn't figured out yet that he and Rory are the exception, not the norm when it comes to birth stories.

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Christine said...

Cuuuuttteeee layouts!

It's kind of cute that Camden asks those questions! I hope that when he does realize he and Rory are the exceptions, and not the rules, that he feels as special and unique and treasured as he should!

M :-) said...

Love the layouts!! :)

Noah does the same thing with the lights. Every morning when I'm getting done, he comes into the bathroom and shuts the lights off and tells me that I can see better with them off. ??? What?! It makes me nuts!