Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Weekend

We have had a great weekend. Friday night we decided Camden might be old enough to watch Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe so we had pizza and popcorn and family movie night. He absolutely LOVED it (and it was nice for us not to have to watch Cars or 101 Dalmatians yet again), although if I would have remembered how intense some of the scenes were, we probably would have waited a while longer, but he seems to have no side effects of watching a scary move. Rory loved Aslan since lions are her favorite animal these days - she has good sound effects for a lion.

Saturday we braved the crazy mall to try to finish Christmas shopping and had much success. I'm usually finished shopping by this point in the season so I have no idea if the sales were extra good or if this is how it always is, but there were definitely some good deals. We also packaged up and mailed out some family gifts and most of the Christmas cards. I ran out of stamps so I still have a few to send out and 3 more small packages.

When we got home, Rory was running a little fever. She stuck pretty close to my lap last night and took an hour and a half to calm down and go to sleep. This is becoming a serious habit at this point, and the past two nights I've done all the wrong things as a mother in an effort to figure out what will work. I need to find a solution and then be consistent with it instead of trying multiple things every night. This morning she woke up all snotty and coughing and still running a little fever so we camped out on the couch while Brian and Camden headed off to church. The Tylenol must have kicked in, though, because she's off and running with her dolls at the moment while wearing her butterfly antennae from her Halloween costume.

This is my new favorite scrapbook page. I worked on it forever, but am really happy with how it turned out.


M :-) said...

I love that scrapbook page! I need to fly down to visit so you can teach me a few things! :)

I'm glad Rory seems to be feeling better.

Christine said...

That page is so awesome!

Amanda said...

Amazing page Melissa! I love it!