Monday, December 15, 2008

More Rainy Days

We had to cancel our playdate with Joy, Ellis, and Sumner this morning because of Rory's cold - I just don't want to pass it on to anyone or for Rory to get worse. I was so looking forward to seeing them again, and Camden most definitely needs to burn off some energy. All these rainy days are tough on a 5-year old, and it's supposed to rain every day this week.

Brian has volunteered to either go grocery shopping with me tonight or to watch the kids and let me go by myself. Since I'm buying for Christmas, that will be so helpful - I'm pretty sure I'll have a very full cart.

I'm boring today with pretty much no cute stories or pictures. I guess I could tell you that Rory cried again last night for almost 2 hours and then woke up MUCH too early this morning and refused to go back asleep until I got her up and she slept on my shoulder. I need serious help with this sleep thing, especially since we have lots of company coming next week.

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Joy and Jason said...

Hope Rory is feeling better - we will reschedule soon. :)

I hate to hear you are having sleep problems with Miss Rory - maybe it's just the excitement of the holidays? I hope she's back to sleeping good soon - and Mommy too! :)