Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Not again!

The stomach plague hit our house again during the night, and I'm the lucky one. Again. I guess it's a good way to combat all the extra holiday eating. Surely it won't last 4 days this time.

Yesterday was consumed with laundry, scrapping, and the turkey dinner I made the mistake of promising Brian last week. I cooked a turkey on my own for the very first time and also cooked all the extra side items (including gravy with little phone help from my mom).

After a couple of good weeks, Camden and Rory have reverted to screaming at each other and not sharing. I'll blame most of this on Rory. She thinks that anything in this house that she has ever touched is hers forever and spends most of her days running after Camden screaming, "mine, mine." It's been a very long week. And it's only Wednesday morning. I really need to get some play dates scheduled. With the colder weather, Camden hasn't spent nearly as much time outside, and he is just bouncing off the walls. He's also living in his Batman costume racing around the house watching his cape float in the air behind him.

We have no plans for today besides playing referee and trying to feel better. I'd also like to try to update the blog look with a Christmas theme, but that may take more time than I've got.

Julie Billingsley: Storybook Princess


Christine said...

Feel better soon!! Good job on the full turkey dinner... you're a better woman than I!

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better soon. Tre' has it also. Emma got it right before Thanksgiving and I am ready for it to just go away!

MyEbella said...

always one step ahead of me....
Never done the turkey dinner either! I would need soo much help!

OMG I bought that princess kit too and can't wait to use it! The page looks awesome and I love those pictures of her in the "tutu".

P.S... We here lots of the mine's and you are not my boss (by Bella) all day too!