Monday, December 08, 2008

Parade Pictures

While I was out and about (alone!) Saturday, I managed to put a dent in the rest of my Christmas shopping, although Camden still doesn't have one single gift. We're hoping to shop this weekend (thank you, Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz for babysitting) and finish everything up.

Rory ran around the house saying, "mama, haircuk" Saturday night - so funny. Camden just kept saying, "well, you look like my mommy, but not like my mommy."

This week is fairly busy (for us). I've got lots of errands to run, housework, MOPS, Christmas packages to mail, and I need to get some holiday baking done. It's less than 2 weeks before our family starts to arrive, and Brian is down to his last 2 weeks of school before Christmas break.

I remember it being cold last year at the parade, but this year felt frigid!! It was 30 degrees, overcast and windy. Camden loved it. Rory, not so much. She started out on the street with Brian and Camden, but the first marching band that went by scared her and she spent the rest of the parade cuddled up on my lap.

Waiting for the parade to start

John, Christian and Kelly in Christian's revamped truck

Camden wearing Brian's coat trying to stay warm

This is how we spent the parade

Yes, a dog with pink leg warmers

Can you believe we Brian let him wear just this little coat?

We didn't take many pictures this year. I was all bundled up with Rory and Brian was keeping Camden from getting run over as he rushed after candy. Believe me, all the tractors and little business trucks with people in the back weren't that exciting anyway. :)


Amanda said...

Well now I am not so sad I missed it after all especially since I would have had the 3 kids by myself up there. Ya'll look cute all bundled up!