Friday, December 19, 2008

No more school!

All you cold weather people out there - don't hate me. It's 64 degrees right now (at 7:00 in the morning). Of course, we also haven't seen the sun shine in probably 2 weeks, but it is warm (and raining yet again). It's also December 19, and 64 degrees just seems wrong.

Every single present and stocking stuffer is wrapped and under the tree or ready to be put in stockings with the exception of one small stocking gift for Rory that is still in a UPS truck somewhere. It took well over an hour with both Brian and I furiously wrapping. It's good to have it done. My floor is covered in glitter from wrapping paper, bows, and tissue paper!

Brian only has school until 10:45 today, and he is quite excited at the prospect of 2 weeks with no 4th graders. We're having dinner at his parent's house tonight. Tomorrow they are watching the kids, and we're going to Patti's Settlement with a church group. Micah and Becky arrive late tomorrow afternoon and then the fun begins. I have an (unfortunate) feeling that my children are going to act their age. Camden won't want the "babies" to "break" his toys. Rory just won't anyone to touch her things (she can be QUITE possessive!). Hopefully, they'll surprise us all and play together like four little angels so that Becky and I can get some scrapping in!

Here's Camden all dressed up in his grown-up outfit that Brian's mom bought him.
Does he look handsome (and much too old) or what!

Amanda Rockwell: Jingle


Christine said...

YAY for being all set with the wrapping - I'm jealous!! I'm also jealous of the 64 degrees... WHAT?! We're supposed to get 10-12" of snow here today...

Joy and Jason said...

Yeah - not liking the weather here!!! December should not be in the 60's unless I am somewhere tropical! LOL

Enjoy Patti's - I've heard it's awesome! :)

Shelly said...

I just wanted to tell you, that I have been following your blog for a while... I found you through Chris Grabow's blog... she and I met in Korea when we were both picking up our girls! Your kids are precious, and Rory is very close in age with our Allyson! I love all your scrapbooking, and enjoy reading about your daily adventures! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!