Wednesday already?

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. My days are so messed up because of being off work (which I am NOT complaining about). I ended up only working a half day yesterday. I was here alone and there was absolutely nothing going on so I took another half day of vacation. When I got home, Brian was almost finished with the first coat of paint on the nursery and Camden was still in his pajamas (at 12:30!). Brian worked all day yesterday, but got the nursery trimmed, painted with 2 coats of paint, and the closet doors painted. Now we'll have to put it all together tomorrow. We have the dresser and bedding, of course. I also have a couple of baskets from Pottery Barn that match the bedding, curtains, and I've ordered hand painted wooden letters that spell her name, but they haven't arrived yet. I'm still deciding on what else I need to finish off the room.

Here is a picture from the Christmas parade we went to in early December. Camden kept watching for the parade to start. He couldn't believe he was allowed on the street!


M :-) said…
I cannot wait to see pictures of the nursery!!!

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