Almost there

I received an email late yesterday afternoon from the immigration office stating that our I600 was approved and in the mail, so we are almost there. I can't wait to actually have that paperwork in our hands! Now it's time to start obsessing over a million things. I thought I was just about ready, but now that we're hopefully 4 weeks away from traveling, I am feeling very unprepared! There are so many details to think about, from bibs and socks to booster seats and strollers.

Camden's behavior has been really off all week. For instance last night he got home from school about 4:00, threw a big hissy fit over something little, then fell asleep on the couch. We tried and tried to wake him up several times for supper, and finally succeeded about 6:30. He continued to throw fits until church time (was still crying when we walked over to church), but then perked up after he went to class with Gram. He did wake up in a happy (but very hyper) mood this morning.

I had a very busy day at work yesterday and expect to be busy again today. It actually helps keep my mind off the adoption and everything I still need to do before we travel to Korea so I'm glad for the extra work.


M said…
You're almost there, Melissa!! Getting SO excited for you and your family.

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