Posting early

I'm posting tonight instead of tomorrow morning because tomorrow will not be a typical Friday for me. My average Friday involves "sleeping in" until Camden gets up at 6:00 and then helping Brian and Camden out the door; grocery shopping; laundry, etc. But tomorrow, my Friday will involve witnessing my friend give birth to her son. And in order to do that, I'm leaving my house at 6:00 a.m. and that's way too early for me to try to blog. I was so excited when Kathy asked me if I wanted to be with her for Andrew's birth, but to be honest what I am feeling now is anxiety. I'm pretty sure that 13 years ago when Kathy and I met as college roommates we never imagined several things about our current situation: (1) that we would be working together, much less working together at the college we were attending; (2) that I would attend the birth of her third child! I am really looking forward to Andrew's birth, but there is a small part of me that is also dreading it. Dreading the reminder that there is a part of motherhood that I won't ever experience; the reminder that there are many months of my children's lives that I have no knowledge of. Of course, the beautiful thing about Kathy asking me to be with her is that she didn't ask me because she needs the support or coaching (heaven knows I'd never be the right choice for that!), but that she knows this is as close as I'll probably ever get to experiencing a birth, and she wanted to share it with me.

Anyway, didn't really mean to ramble on about that! But that's where I'll be tomorrow. So say a prayer for Kathy and Jamie and baby Andrew tomorrow morning.

No I600 in the mail today, but I'm not worried. Two other Tennessee families using the same agencies received theirs this week and their approval came a day or two ahead of ours so I'm sure ours will follow in another day or two.I'm not sure if the quote of 3-4 weeks until travel starts when the I600 was approved (Jan. 23) or when it actually arrives in the mail. Who knows!

Today was Lunch Bunch day. We were reduced to 3 members this month. Jeff is on a cruise; Rachel just had a baby; Kathy is having a baby tomorrow, and Russell was sick so that left me, Jackie, and Tina. We ate at Red Robin, and it was amazing! I had a guacamole bacon burger with garlic parmesan steak fries. We also made plans to have a girl's night out in a couple of weeks before Rory arrives. I am sooooo going to miss being with my friends on a daily basis!

I've been scrapping like crazy trying to catch up on ALL my photos so that I'll be current when Miss Rory arrives. I'm pretty sure that I will not have nearly the time to scrap, and I don't want to fall behind. This picture is of Brian reading to William, Xavier, and Camden. They sat on his lap while he read book after book. Camden doesn't look too excited to be sharing his daddy, does he.


Karen said…
Prayers for Kathy and her family... How sweet of her to know what being a part of the birth will mean for you. I got a little teary reading that part. It's so hard wondering what happens in our kids' lives before we find each other... (((HUGS))) I know Rory will be home SOON!
M :-) said…
(((((hugs))))) I hope today went well.

The 3-4 weeks started with our I600 approval date, and had nothing to do with when it arrived in the mail. I600 was approved on 11/15 and TC was 12/17.

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