Veggie Tales

We've been working with Camden trying to get him to be a little less whiny and to sleep through the night, so he has a sticker chart on the refrigerator. He's been begging to see the new Veggie Tales movie for WEEKS, so we told him as soon as he filled up 2 rows of stickers, then we would go see it. That was actually good motivation for him because he hasn't woke us up the last 5 nights so tonight is Veggie Tales night. I'm picking him up from school and taking him for a haircut, and then we're headed to the movies as soon as Brian gets home.

Other than that, it's a regular domestic Friday for me - laundry, grocery shopping, etc.


Angie said…
Hope you have fun at the movies tonight. My kids saw it last weekend with the church youth group and loved it. Have fun Saturday night!!
M :-) said…
Enjoy the movie!!!
Sara said…
We have been waiting to see that movie...please make sure to post a review! Have fun!

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