Just a quick post today!

Camden's K-4 teacher is clearly hitting the manners class hard as they returned to school this week because Camden has been constantly reminding us to mind our own manners. Last night he asked if he could put my plate away and throw away my napkin, and I told him yes (of course he can work!! LOL). As he was taking it, he said, "Aren't you forgetting to tell me something? Aren't you forgetting your manners?"

Brian and I watched The Biggest Loser last night. We've never watched it before, and I can't decide if it's inspiring or depressing. The fact that these people could spend 8 hours a day exercising with trained professionals and nutritionists and only lose 1-2 pounds doesn't bode well for us!


skylark knits said…
I saw a few minutes of The Biggest Loser last night as well. What boggles my mind is how the one couple I saw was so blown away by the number of calories they were consuming. I mean, does it really not dawn on people that eating fried foods every single day is bad for you? Watching even just a few minutes though has me swearing off cookies for today! I have been SOOOOOOOOOOO bad lately in that department!!!

Have a great day, Melissa! :)
well they definitely lose way more than 1-2 pounds a week! a lot of the times it is double digits!!!

they usually eat really good too! (they have food challenges!)

Besides someone (or a couple...the first time they have done couples) having to go home and continue on their own... we love the show! (Bob is my favorite trainer!)

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