Getting back into a routine is hard! I think that we're all exhausted after only one day! Brian was snoozing away on the couch by 8:15 last night, and Camden was a bit cranky and asked to go to bed early. I, on the other hand, seem to have more sleep issues than ever! And if I was having trouble getting my mind to slow down so that I could sleep a couple of months ago, it's much worse now. I'm making lists in my head of things we need to remember to take to Korea, things I still need to buy for Rory, things I need to make sure I remember to pass on to whoever takes my place at work, gifts we need to buy while we're in Korea. The list could go on and on. Last night I was still wide awake at 12:30, and 5:00 came way too early this morning!

I spent almost an hour on the phone with my friend Kim last night who is waiting for their daughter Emma to come home. They have been waiting for over 6 months and have had a paperwork nightmare. I'm so frustrated for them (and terrified it will happen to us!). The people who tell us (adoptive families) that we've got it easy because we don't have to go through labor and delivery are crazy! They have no idea the emotional anguish that accompanies the adoption process.

The wind is freakishly strong this morning. It sounds like the house is going to fall in on us! We're expecting severe weather to start (and I quote), "between twelve noon and twelve midnight." Seriously, the best the newscasters can give us is a 12 hour window as to what time the bad weather could start? We're having record high temps again today.

Okay, that about wraps up today's exciting news. Here is one more Christmas page I finished up over the weekend, and I've still got a ton of Christmas pictures to scrap. I think I'm just about tired of Christmas pages!


Anonymous said…
Melissa, about the sweets thing, they say that it takes just three days to get the craving of sugar out of your system, starving it out!
Can we make it for THREE days!! I need to do that!
Grandma E.

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