Real Bowling

I feel like our weekend was very productive. We were able to get the nursery put together, curtains hung, closets partially cleaned out, clothes put away, etc. That was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. We still need to completely clean out the closets in the nursery so that we'll be able to store Rory's toys and clothes, but we made alot of progress, and it's really starting to feel like there's going to be a baby living in our house! I washed and dried 4 loads of laundry Saturday, but they never made it out of the laundry room so that's my project for tonight - folding and putting away all those clothes.

Saturday night Brian was participating in a fundraiser for the college and was on a bowling team so we all tagged along with him. There was a lane for the kids to bowl, and Camden had a blast. He bowled for about an hour and then we spent the second hour watching Brian and his team bowl. Camden was the coach. He was so funny because every person who would come up to bowl, he would call them over and then whisper in their ear, "go straight down the middle really hard and you'll get a strike." Thank goodness they're our friends so they endured the "coaching" for every single frame! When it was all over, they gave Camden a prize of new tennis balls, and he immediately said, "we've got to buy me a tennis racket right now." And then when we got in the car, he said, "Real bowling is so much better than Wii bowling! I loved the balls, the Diet Coke, winning . . . "

Today marks 13 weeks we've been waiting for Rory.

I scrapped these pictures of Camden, Matt, and William on Saturday. The picture quality isn't the best, but they were so cute playing together that I really wanted to scrap them anyway. For those of you who scrap, I used Jessica Bolton's new kit Brighten Up Winter, and it's only $2.50 for Sunday and Monday.


Chris said…
13 weeks....oh Melissa, I can't believe it! I hope things speed up soon. You know she will be worth it though. :)
LOL at Camden's bowling comments- Nathan has only ever done Wii bowling but he's pretty good!
Thanks for the Jessica Bolton tip- I like her stuff but haven't seen anything new from her in awhile.

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