No news

I do not have much to post about today. Camden is fine. He definitely had a few stomach issues going on in the morning, but by afternoon he was back to normal.

Our I600 did not come in the mail yesterday. I pretty much met the mailman at the mailbox to check! It actually made things a little easier to know by 9:00 that it wasn't there for the day instead of sitting at work all day wondering if it's sitting there in the mailbox. Here's hoping for today!

Steven Curtis Chapman's organization Shaohannah's Hope emailed us over the weekend asking us if we would be willing to volunteer at one of his concerts on March 14. That would be so amazing, but we don't know when Rory will be home, and even if she is home by then, I'm just not sure that a concert would be the best place to take her in the first few weeks! I told them that I hoped they would keep us on the list and ask again, though.


skylark knits said…
Bummer on not getting the mail you wanted yesterday. Hope it comes today! :)

Love your new layouts. I *knew* I should have picked up those Fluffy Puffy Ribbons when they were on sale! Kickin' myself for not buying them a few weeks ago!

Have a great day, Melissa!

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