Rough Morning

Well, it's only 7:06, but it's been quite a morning already. I realized about halfway through the day yesterday that I wasn't feeling well and thought I was probably catching what Camden and Brian had. I woke up this morning feeling awful and argued with myself the entire time I showered, got ready, etc. If I wouldn't have been home with Camden for the past two days, I definitely would have stayed home. To complicate matters even more Brian and Camden both are having snow days today because of the freezing rain. Yes, freezing rain. Our roads looked like a sheet of ice. So, I finally decided I better just suck it up and head off to work. I left about 6:30. After taking 10 minutes to drive about 2 miles and sliding all over the road, I turned around and came home, got into my sweats, put my hair in a pony tail, and I plan to stay on the couch all day long. I hate that I've missed 3 days of work, but they've sent work for me here at home, I check my email and voicemail regularly, and I've got plenty of sick days left, but only another month of so to use them up so I don't feel too bad. My boss is one of those very understanding and flexible kind of guys who has 2 small children at home himself so he was quite understanding when I called him this morning.

The good news is that Camden and Brian are feeling much better. Camden keeps saying, "I'm so sorry me and daddy made you sick." Camden told me that I better leave quick before my work called off school.

I remember reaching a certain point while we waited for Camden to come home where I just started to doubt it was ever really going to happen. The wait becomes so long and after a certain point, the ache just grows and grows and your child is never far from your thoughts. I am definitely at that point. I am struggling to stay positive and to not spend all my time in tears. At this point, nothing helps. Well, I take that back. If we could ever get the I600 in our hands, it would help momentarily.

I baked a chocolate chip pecan pie yesterday - my first ever. Camden kept saying, "mommy, this pie smells wonderfully." It was pretty good if I do say so myself. Definitely a comfort food.

I did scrap two pages yesterday, although even scrapping doesn't feel fun or therapeutic these days.


skylark knits said…
Feel better, Melissa!

Maybe you'll get some good mail today and that will help you feel better. :)
Karen said…
(((HUGS))) Feel better!! Here's praying for a good mail day to make up for the germs in the house.

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