Another Monday

It wasn't as hard as it usually is on Monday mornings to get moving this morning. I think I'm feeling like I'm on the home stretch. I'm trying to not focus so much on how much I want Rory home, but focus on enjoying the last weeks at work and the last weeks as a family of three. I'm trying anyway - we'll see how long it works.

Brian is still not feeling well at all. He has an awful cold. He even stayed home from church last night, and I'm pretty sure that's the first time he's ever "called in sick" for that! Camden threw a HORRIFIC two-hour (yes, seriously two hours) temper tantrum last night. Thank goodness he has outgrown that stage for the most part, because it was horrible. He can be so stubborn, but one of these days he'll learn that Mommy and Daddy are just as stubborn as he is and will always win.

This week is a pretty normal week for us. Brian has a faculty meeting after school today, but other than that, we're home every night, which will be nice.

I debated about putting this layout on my blog because of the picture, but decided it was too funny not to. We sent Camden in to get ready for his bath one evening, and when I came back to help him run water, I found him sitting on the toilet looking at a magazine. It was so funny, and I immediately ran for my camera. When I took this picture, he was so engrossed in the magazine that he didn't even realize that Brian and I were watching him.


MEI said…
Lol. That picture is classic. You will have to pull that one out for future girlfriends.
Unknown said…
We have a picture like that of one of my son's, but he is playing gameboy.

We also have a son that was a huge tantrum thrower - for the first 8 years of his life! He is 17 years old now and the most laid back young man. People that didn't know him when he was young think we are making that tantrum thing up :) There's hope!

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