Dr. Park

We had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Paul Park speak last night. Dr. Park is a Korean man who moved to the U.S. with his family in the 1970's to be missionaries to the Korean-American's in the Los Angeles area. It was very interesting to hear him speak of his experiences here and in Korea. He gave us some facts about Korea that we had not heard before. For instance, the first Christian missionary went to Korea in 1884, and as a result of those missionaries, Korea has become a very Christian nation. Our of the 50 larges churches in the world, 30 of them are in Korea. Korea has sent out 40,000 missionaries to other parts of the world. I was impressed. I know that Camden is pretty oblivious to this right now, but I hope that one day he will feel a strong sense of pride in having Korea as his birth country. I will admit to being emotional last night, especially when he sang a hymn in Korean. Of course, I'm more emotional in general these days!

Poor Camden is having difficulty with all of the "Parks" in his life right now. He thinks they're all related. His teacher is Mrs. Parks (and he ADORES her). Rory's foster mother is Mrs. Park, and the speaker last night was Dr. Park. He can't figure out why they have the same name, but don't live together.

Yesterday was a very good day for Rory's closet. My friend brought me 2 brand new winter coats and a snowsuit for next winter (and they are so cute - think fur and suede). I went to Target on my lunch hour and bought several shirts for $1.75 and a pair of jeans (her first pair) for $4. I also bought FOUR pairs of shoes and a pair of boots (see below). Are they cute or what! Then when I got home, my Old Navy clearance order had arrived. I had bought several pairs of tights, a cute denim jumper, and a couple of shirts - all heavily on clearance. One of these days I'll have to start buying mundane things like p.j.'s, diapers, wipes, etc. But I'm holding off for now!
The Boots!


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