Camden is still not feeling well so I'm home again. He has a nasty, constant cough and stuffy nose so we decided to keep him home one more day. Fortunately for us, Camden is always a very good patient. His very sweet side comes out, and he's pretty snuggly. I think I may be coming down with the same thing, but maybe two quiet days at home with Camden will help me out as well.


Bretta said…
Poor baby! I remember that as much as I hated it when my kids were sick, I secretly relished how much I loved their snuggliness while they were ill. Hope you are both feeling better soon!
omg melissa... you know how much I love all your layouts, but this one is FABULOUS!!!

E's had the flu bug over the weekend and you just feel soo bad for them. Todd bad us moms can't just lay and relax like the kids do when they are sick!!

Crossing my fingers for a great mail day today!!!!

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