Happy MLK Day

Brian and Camden have the day off school, so they're staying home snuggled up in front of the TV while I head out in the cold to work. I don't mind too much today because in the near future I'll be staying home every day! I think Brian was ready for a break. His class has been difficult since returning from Christmas break, and a new student transferred in last week, and he has been very challenging.

A few tidbits from Camden during his stay with Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz this weekend.
(1) When asked what kind of cars mommy and daddy drive: A Gran Dam (emphasis on the second word) and a Lifesaver (Brian drives a LeSabre).
(2) "I got into a fight with the stool, and it beat me up." (after he fell off the bathroom stool trying to wash his hands)

DWTS was quite entertaining. They were running low on stars - only 3 out of the 7 in the program were there. Monique Coleman from season 3; Wayne Newton (who sort of MC'd the event and did not dance; and Helio Castronoves was there, but only danced two times). Poor Wayne Newton needs to retire because he was just awful! There is nothing left to his voice at all. The older generation who were in attendance really enjoyed himk however. I thought it was a bit of a rip-off that Julianne and Helio (who won this season) only danced twice, but they were very fun to watch. I have a few pictures and none of them are very good. They are straight out of the camera with no editing, but I don't know that they'll get much better even after I edit. We had good seats, but the lights were flashing and VERY bright, plus the dancers move so fast, it's hard to snap a picture. It was a really fun evening all in all.

Most of the group
Wayne Newton
Edyta and Alec (the married couple)
Julianne and Helio


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