This week has been pretty empty of anything blog-worthy, but I do have one quick story from yesterday. Rory kept asking me if she could call Grandma (which she does every day), and while we were waiting for Camden in the car-rider line, I handed her the phone. She put the phone to her ear and said, "Well, let me ask you something. Will you come see me for my birthday?" How could they resist that?

I was supposed to work today, but plans changed last night, and I'm looking forward to another day at home. The house is clean (mostly), laundry is done, and I just might get to scrap for the first time this week. Here are a few pictures from Sunday.


Krista said…
Enjoy your free day! I'm home too - but I'm home sick. Perhpas a good book is in order for me - with some chicken noodle soup.
KrisJ said…
YAA day off!! So I have to tell you that Rory is the inspiration for Malias hair cut! I remember over a year ago finding you guys through youtube and falling in love with her and you had her hair so dang cute and I have always pictured Malia with that same cut ever since!!

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