The Birthday Girl

I'm operating on very little sleep this morning and have already gotten myself and the two kids ready, dropped Camden off at school, shopped for 2 weeks worth of groceries/supplies at Walmart and Kroger, made a bank run, unloaded and put away groceries and now I find myself with no energy for a blog post. :) So I'll leave you with 3 pics from yesterday and I'll post actual birthday pics tomorrow (these are the best of the bunch anyway).

This one's not that great, but look at how tall she's getting!
She is outgrowing new fall clothing before she even gets a chance to wear them!


Bekah said…
Oh my gosh she's adorable. She is getting tall!
KrisJ said…
SO DANG CUTE! Hope she had the BEST B-day!!
Anonymous said…
I'm hopping over from the Holt BB. Just had to tell you that your kids are SUPER cute!! Hope she a wonderful birthday! Your blog helps make waiting for our referral easier!
Jill (Hope in CA)
Krista said…
Happy Birthday (well, belated birthday) Rory!

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