Yesterday was not a good start to the week. In fact, it was pretty awful. However, today is a new day, and I'm hopeful it will be better.

We're meeting my friend Kathy and her two girls and baby for a play date and lunch today. The mall is almost an hour away so it will take up a chunk of our day. I'm sure Camden will have a good time. The mall has a cute playground, but I don't know how Rory will feel about all the other kids. I'm so happy to spend time with an adult! :)

This week is VBS at a friend's church so Brian took Camden last night, and he had a blast. I think we're all going tonight.

My sister Becky is speaking to alot (as in thousands) of people this morning at the NAFWB Convention. You might want to say a prayer for her if you think about it. I have full confidence in her, but it's a big deal, and she's speaking on her experience with breast cancer and how that has changed their career as missionaries to France so I'm sure it will be emotional.

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