Good News and Bad News

The good news first. I just heard from the doctor, and Rory's biopsy results are the same as his original diagnosis, which means her leg is not something we should have to worry about too much. We'll definitely have to keep an eye on it, and it's going to cause some issues because it sweats like crazy, and I'm sure as she gets older and more aware of it, she will be embarrassed when it soaks through her clothing, but that's pretty minor. They're recommending we have it checked once a year until she's a bit older and then decide when to have surgery to remove it.

The bad news is that Rory is still sick, running a fever, not sleeping, etc. She spent about 90% of yesterday on my lap until about 4:00 and then she perked up a bit and spent TWO hours playing with 4 pennies that Camden had found in our domino's game. Seriously. If I had known pennies could bring so much joy to her life, I would have dug some out of my purse much earlier! Unfortunately, her 2 hours of feeling better didn't last into the night, and she was up about every 30-45 minutes ALL night long. I think she must have an ear infection, but I guess I'm waiting one more day before taking her to the doctor since she's fairly happy this morning, although the fever is still there. I'd like to just take her today, but I've done that way too many times only to have them tell me there's no infection and they can't do anything. I have a feeling we'll be making a trip to the doctor tomorrow, though.

So, with all the sick and cranky kiddos around here, I'm a bit cranky myself. Two nights of no sleep has a way of doing that to a person. It's bad enough that I even made coffee this morning. I think it's the first time I've ever made coffee in my own house before, and it tasted like mud so I poured it out and brought out the Mountain Dew. Healthy choices, huh.

Brian worked a 13 hour day at his dad's house yesterday digging fence holes, so he is exhausted and bruised up. He left this morning for a meeting, but should be back mid-morning and then home the rest of the day. I don't know what I'll do when summer is over and he has to go back to his real job. I guess that means I'll have to go back to mine - being a stay at home mom all by myself.


Tim Lewis said…
I guess I'm one of the two hundred who never miss a day of "Life as a Lewis." I went through withdrawal when you were on vacation a couple weeks ago! Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks.

Anonymous said…
These news are telling about the little Rory. the summer vacation will be end after some days but Rory is sick, its so not good for Rory. These days never miss because "Life is lewis".
John Smith
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Anonymous said…
Hey Melissa,
I am sure you know I read your blog. I love catching up and hearing about everyone. I always link over to Becky's from Yours.
Sounds like Rory's ears need to be checked. Whenever my kids wake up that often coupled with fever it is most likely ears. Trust yourself. Your the mom and you know her better than anyone.
Just as a joke...How's this for boring? I'll be praying for supernatural rest for you today and healing for your precious girl.
Sara Weaver

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