New Video

Here's a new video of Rory. It doesn't really show this true side of Rory. She is so dramatic, and in the places where's she's off pouting you can't see her face. If you could, you'd be laughing! She scrunches it up so tight, and then will peek through her eye lids to see if you're watching. Oh, and the little crying clips at the end? She can turn that off and on like a faucet!


Chris said…
So, we watched your video as a family and Isabel watched with great interest. We hear many of the same sounds from her. We call her "Jekyl & Hyde" because of her ability to change moods in a second.
Wendy said…
LOVE it!!!! That was just great! LOL!!! Love your new layout too!
Anonymous said…
I love it that she peeks out with her eyes while she's crying...just to make sure you're still watching.
What's the point if no one is paying attention, right? So funny!
Sara W.
KrisJ said…
That was hularious! I love the last one where she turns to you so you can full on see her face!! I have a drama queen in my house so I completely understand the on and off switch.

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