Still Sick

This waking every 30-45 minutes has got to stop! We're all exhausted, although Brian did take part of the night shift last night and slept on the living room floor with Rory from 1:30-5:30 last night. We went to the doctor this morning, but they can't find anything wrong. Her ears, throat, nose, chest are all clear. They took out her stitches (you can imagine how fun that was) and also took a urine sample via a catheter (once again - you can imagine how fun that was for all involved), but nothing so far. She seems miserable most of the time, although she does have short periods of time where she plays and acts fine. The doctor's office is going to look at the urine sample again tomorrow morning to see if anything has developed and the doctor said he'd check in with me tomorrow about her fever. I just wish we knew what was wrong! She is currently playing with Brian and being silly and she actually ate lunch a little bit ago so maybe she's on the mend.


KrisJ said…
Shoot poor baby. I sure hope she recovers quick.

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