Happy Independence Day

Either this fever is completely destroying Rory's personality or the Terrible Two's have started early. I haven't seen this much drama since I was living through the 7th grade. She did sleep well last night, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have improved her mood much. I think I'll be glad when this week is over!

Our plans for today are to go to Michael and Liz's apartment for a cookout with some friends, and then (depending on Rory's mood and fever status) we're going to my friend Kathy's mom's house to watch fireworks. They're calling for thunderstorms today so we'll see how that effects our plans.

With the exception of two major tantrums this week, Camden has been very sweet. He's had fun "helping" Brian clean out the basement and work around the house. He finally filled up his sticker chart and is seriously enjoying this little helicopter toy we bought months ago on clearance. Whatever works!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


Anonymous said…
How sweet of our sweet Rory! (I also recognize the tree setting...adorable)
We ALL enjoyed meeting Rory in real person...can't wait for the next time. Grandma & Grandpa E.

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