Good Morning


Kelly said…
Oh my goodness, that may be the cutest picture I've ever seen in my life!!!!! Rory is so photogenic, even with bed-head and a messed up pajama top!!!! Love it!!!!!
Kelly (holt bb anniebuster)
What a fabulous pic! I can relate to that look though - sigh. Thank goodness no one is around me with a camera first thing in the morning! :-)
Karen said…
I think that's the BEST bedhead I've ever seen!!
Mayme said…
Cutest thing that I have ever seen!
Jodi said…
That is the most.adorable.picture.ever! Love the photo coloring effect! Darling!
KrisJ said…
O my that is a postcard photo or calendar shot if Ive ever seen one! Love it!

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