The words that come out of Rory's mouth as she tries to interpret our English are so funny. She is currently calling all food and all meals "Bah-Chi." This is her version of breakfast. She tries her best to imitate us all the time, but her little brain is still working in Korean words I think because she just can't quite wrap her tongue around our sounds. And her babbling (which she does ALL the time) definitely has an Asian flair to it.

My kid-free day yesterday was really good but absolutely flew by. How is possible that 8 hours away from home running errands and doing fun things can by so fast when the exact same amount of time at home can feel like forever? Brian was glad to see me home, and later last night told he me really appreciated me. That was nice to hear! All of my appointments were good, and even the doctor's wasn't too bad. I wish I would have had a bit more time to browse at the mall - lots of good sales these days! I did spend a bit of time in Baby Gap, and they had an extra 25% off their clearance, which is always good (and dangerous if you ask Brian).

Last night after prayer/devotion time with Camden and Rory, Camden informed us that there is only "one, powerful man in heaven and that's God." Not sure where he got that terminology. I'm pretty sure we've never referred to God as the powerful man in heaven!

I walked with Shelly at 6:30 this morning. I always feel so much more energetic if I walk in the mornings. Now if I could only do it more often! Brian and his dad met some others for coffee this morning so he was gone until lunch time. The rest of the day has been pretty normal - laundry and cleaning bathrooms.

Just one picture to share today. We've got a monster-sized cat who has taken up residence at our house, and while Rory really wants to be the cat's friend, she's scared to death if he gets close.


Amanda said…
Glad your day was good!

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