The swimmer's ear saga continues. Brian ended up going to the ER last night because the pain was so bad, and it's actually good he did. The ear drops the doctor had prescribed Monday morning were the wrong ones - they're preventive, but do not actually treat swimmer's ear, which explains why he just kept getting worse. So they prescribed a new ear drop, pain medication, and told him to keep taking the oral antibiotic. He still had a rough night and morning, but he did eat lunch this afternoon, so I guess the end is in sight. For now, this is how he's coping.

The rest of us are going a little stir crazy at home. I think I've had a glimpse of what life will be like when Brian goes back to work. Spending 24/7 alone with the kiddos and no help with the housework is going to take some getting used to, but most other families do it, so I'm sure I can to.

During naptime, I'm going to head to Nashville for a library trip and to Gymboree (it's Gymbucks redemption time). Hopefully, I'll find lots of deals! And hey, if not, at least I've gotten out of the house alone!

Last night, Rory was playing with her dolls so I decided to take a picture. Those are diapers and not straight jackets they're wearing. She's decided they "must" wear diapers. Oh, and she was actually holding their heads up and telling them to "mile" (smile). It was so funny!


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