The doctor's appointments went well on Friday. It's always good to have two healthy kiddos! Camden is still slightly below average in height and weight, which surprised me because he's grown so much this year! Rory is 2nd percentile for head circumference, 5th for weight, and 21st for height. She's grown 2 inches and gained 2 pounds since she's been with us. Camden had to get 4 shots, and for the most part behaved himself (there was quite a bit of SCREAMING during shot time). At one point, our doctor remarked about Rory, "it's not enough that she gets to be a princess, she wants to be the queen." It's true. She's quite bossy and demanding at times! He wants us to have her hearing checked because her vocabulary isn't expanding nearly as quickly as we thought it would, but I am certain her hearing is fine. She doesn't seem to have trouble hearing, and she really seems to understand everything we say.

Speaking of vocabulary, we did see improvement this week! She knows how to sing "Deep and Wide." It's so cute and definitely the first song she can sing! She also started saying "peas" (please). Now, she's been saying some version of please that no one would ever understand, but this version is a little more universally understood!

While I'm on Rory, we've also seen some improvement with her attachment. I know this will sound weird to those of you who are not adoptive parents, but I am so glad that she is finally crying and upset when I leave her in the nursery. The last 3 weeks she has been sobbing when I have to leave her. Thank goodness she stops quickly after I'm gone, and it's only for 1 hour on Sunday and 1 hour on Wednesday. It's just another good sign that she is learning that we are her family, and that I am her mommy and will be forever.

Brian has In-Service at school every day this week so it's going to be an adjustment for all of us! Camden is already depressed that Brian won't be around. Brian's stressed out at the thought of a new school year in a new classroom. I'm already anticipating the moment he walks in the door tonight and can play with the kiddos! LOL

I don't have any plans for today other than housework. The house seems to have collapsed around me over the weekend, so I need to get it back in shape. I'm also planning to get completely caught up on laundry so that tomorrow I can pack for our trip this weekend. I hate waiting until the last minute to do it.

All right, I think that's our weekend in a nutshell and you should be all caught up. Here are some layouts.

Shabby Princess Summer Cottage (DST July kit)

This page is Layout of the Week at Sweet Shoppe Designs. How fun!

Julie Billingsley Lights Camera Action

I love this picture of Rory and Mrs. Park. It was taken in the first week or so after Rory had come to live with her. I am more thrilled than you can imagine that we have so many pictures of them together.

Jofia Designs Suddenly Fresh


Anonymous said…
Melissa, how much Rory has changed since you are her mama.
Doesn't look like the same girl, really. All grown up and sweet.
Grandma E.

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