July 4th pics

We had a great, low-key July 4th celebration at Michael and Liz's house. The kiddos played so well and were so good. The weather even cooperated and there was no rain, and it even wasn't too hot outside. We came home and set off a few fireworks of our own. Camden thoroughly enjoyed himself, but Rory was so tired that she just wanted to get into bed!

Cute Patooties
A little sibling love
Michael and Liz - the hosts!
Amanda and Ramaya
Mr. and Mrs. Tippett

Rory posing
The Lewis Family


beautiful pictures...and um are you holding down Rory's hands?? =) I have many a photos like that!!

I loved all the pictures!! Another beautiful family picture!!
Barbara said…
Hi Melissa. I'm one of the many who you don't know that regularly checks out your blog. My sister Pam adopted from China. Once I was visiting the blog of one of their travel mates and she wrote about your blog. That was when you had the video of getting Rory on your blog. My husband laughed at me because I was crying while I watched the video. My heart was breaking for Mrs. Park, but also happy that Rory now has a forever home.

Now that I check your blog regulary, I've noticed we know some of the same people. I grew up in Nashville, but now live in St. Charles, MO. I attended the Bible College fall of 93, then transfered to MTSU fall of 94. Did you attend the Bible College? I noticed you know the Edgmons and The Tippets. It's such a small workld.
Karen said…
What cute pics!!! Sam is sitting next to me and wants to know who he's kissing. He thinks those pics of Camden are him!!

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