We're Back

I never know quite how to recap after a long trip, so I think I'll just list the highlights and be done with it.

  • Left Friday night and drove 8 hours to WV. The kids were angels!
  • Met our new niece Miley and Brian's cousin's baby girl Aubri on Saturday morning
  • Celebrated Brian's grandparent's 58th wedding anniversary with a picnic, cake, and lots of family pictures at Grandview State Park.
  • Took over Brian's aunt and uncle's house when we added 6 adults and 7 kids to their household.
  • Camden absolutely wore himself out playing with his cousins. I am so glad he had such a good time.
  • Rory and Miley (14 months old) each thought the other was the baby and they were the big girl. It was so funny!
  • We found gas for $3.59/gallon!! Unfortunately, we had just filled up at $4.05/gallon.
  • We shopped at Brian's uncle's new Amish store and bought fun stuff like butter cheese, green onion cheese, and peanut butter spread that tastes like peanut butter fudge.
  • Leigh gave me a Chi blow dryer. I've used it once and already can't live without it.
  • Drove home Tuesday and it was pure torture. Camden was cranky beyond belief and Rory was pitiful. She sat in the back crying, holding her arms out to me, saying and signing "please" over and over.
Rory did really well playing with the other kids and dealing with all the madness that are family reunions, but she is struggling a bit since we've been home. She is super clingy and cries if we walk out of the room. She also cried for over an hour last night at bedtime, which was not fun!

On the agenda for today is grocery shopping, unpacking, scheduling Rory's hearing test, and trying to get both kiddos back on a schedule.

I have lots of pictures to share, although I didn't take as many as I wanted to. If you're not family, you might want to skip the pics! :)

Beckee, Cheyenne, Jon (Brian's youngest brother)
Logan, Jessica, Ashton, Tim (Brian's older brother), Miley

Linda, Aubri, Rodney (Brian's aunt and uncle)

Aubri, Leigh (Brian's cousin)

Bob and Brenda (otherwise known as Gram and Gramps)
Bob and June
(Brian's grandparents, otherwise known as Papa Bob and Granny June)

Papa Bob and Aubri
They look like they're learning something, don't they?

Rory and Ashton (I'm such a sap. I got all teary when
I saw this - I remember Ashton being this age)

Papa Bob and Rory
Grandview State Park Overlook
Me and Rory

I really like this picture of Brian
Gramps and Gram with all the grandkids
Gram and the girls
Uncle Tim with Miley and Rory
Rory and Aunt Linda
Rory and Aunt Beckee
(notice Rory cheesing for the camera, of course)

Roasting marshmallows with Uncle Jon
Eating Smores


Vonda and John said…
I personally loved the pictures! If it had not been explained I would have thought that older brother and younger brother were the same brother. Even the wives resemble at quick glance. As always your children are beautiful. Blessings


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