Kid-free day

I've had this day planned for about 6 weeks. It's my kid-free day. Probably the biggest one I've had since Rory came home. In fact, I know it's the longest I'll have been away from her with the exception of our anniversary date. I'm slightly apprehensive about being gone from her for so long, but she'll be with Brian and since she's quickly becoming a daddy's girl (and I'm not happy about that!), I'm sure she'll be fine. I have a hair appointment, a manicure/pedicure, lunch with Liz, and my annual physical. I'm hoping to throw a little shopping and library trip in there as well. I am more than a little excited!

So our swimming trip yesterday was a bit of a disaster. We left the house and it was hot and sunny out. By the time we'd made the 8 minute trip to the pool, it had become overcast, but we weren't too worried. We haven't had rain in weeks! Well, the swimming last about 35 minutes, and in those 35 minutes the temperature dropped a good 10-15 degrees and a thunderstorm started. Camden and Rory were so cold their teeth wouldn't stop chattering. We're planning to another time or two this week so hopefully the weather will cooperate better. Oh, and Rory wasn't quite as fearless as I would have imagined. She had moments where she really had fun and she did like to jump off the side of the pool into our arms, but there were many moments where she CLUNG to me for dear life and was a scared to death. And Camden. Oh, boy. I don't know what we're going to do with him. He is SERIOUSLY terrified. I think until now I thought he was just being a bit of a baby (he's got a bit of a history of this), but he really is terrified. He's so funny, though, because as soon as we decided to get out, his whole attitude changes (we've seen this many times before as well!), and as he's walking up the stairs of the pool, he says in such a sweet, excited tone, "well, that was a really fun day." And when we got home, he called my mom to tell her he was going to dive off the diving board tomorrow. Yeah, right!

Camden and his sweet smile

Rory couldn't decide if she was happy to be wet or not

"Helping" Daddy wash the cars

Forget the cars, they'd rather wash themselves

A little wet rag to keep him cool

Those suds on her face are compliments of Camden
Playing baseball with the water bat and ballNot happy about being sprinkled by daddy


Anonymous said…
wow, Melissa, sounds like a heavenly day!!! Enjoy every minute of it! it is very sweet of your husband to let you "abandon" him like this :)!
Amanda said…
I am so jealous! Next time take we with you! I so need a day away!!! Hope your day is wonderful! I love the new blog decor. It looks fab.
Amanda said…
I meant to say take "me" not "we" with you. That's what I get for typing so fast!

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