Happy Birthday, Big Boy

Camden is 5 years old today. How does that happen? How do they go from being a baby to a 5 year old in the blink of an eye? Our day has been less than perfect, unfortunately. We were supposed to take him to see Kung Fu Panda together while Mayme babysat Rory. I knew he would seriously enjoy having us all to himself, and he's really been wanting to see the movie. However, Brian's swimmer's ear is seriously knocking him out of commission (more on that later) so I ended up taking him myself. We had a good time. He ate lots of popcorn and sour skittles and drank a ton of Mr. Pibb. I even managed to convince him to let me grocery shop while we were out, and he was a big help. I've got his favorite meal in the oven, and we'll have leftover cake and ice cream, but I still feel bad. No presents today since we opened everything on Sunday. It'd be okay except for Brian's sick, and I'm a little worn out after only 3 hours of sleep last night and from spending the last 48 hours being a single parent. He doesn't seem to notice, but I still feel bad. I feel bad enough that I played baseball with him outside (definitely not my favorite past time!).

So, Brian's swimmer's ear. Who knew it would be so painful or debilitating! It's even worse today. His ear canal is completely swollen shut. That side of his face looks horrible. His cheek is hollowed out, and there's a large swollen spot back by his ear. His ear is visibly bigger than the other ear; his coloring is bad; he can't hear a thing, and he's not eating. His face is so swollen that it has moved his teeth. Before yesterday, he had an overbite. Now he has an underbite! We called the doctor back this morning, and they prescribed him an oral antibiotic in addition to the ear drops. He's taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours. I'm really hoping he'll wake up tomorrow morning and it will have started to kick in. He hasn't moved from the couch in two days. Now, Brian is not your typical male when he's sick. He really is not a baby, so for him to be this out of it must mean it's bad. He says he's never going swimming again. :)


Karen said…
Happy Birthday, Camden!!! I hope Brian feels better soon!
Joy said…
Happy 5th Birthday Camden!! :)

Hope Brian is feeling better soon!
M :-) said…
Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

Oh my gosh - Brian sounds miserable. :( I really hope he starts to feel better soon. I had no idea that swimmers ear could get that bad. Ouch!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Camden!!!!

Hope Brian is better soon.
Christine (tinetine)

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