Swimming improvement

We are seriously jinxed in the weather/pool department. It was sunny when we left the house, but was overcast and cooler while we were at the pool. In fact, the water temperature dropped 2 degrees the hour we were there. How is that possible? We are so proud of Camden! He tried really hard to be brave in the pool. He floated on his own, walked around, and went under water several times without screaming. You should have seen the grim, determined look on his face. It was such an improvement! Camden is not very persistent (well, unless it comes to tantrums!). From the time he was a small toddler, he would give up very easily if he had trouble doing anything - from taking off his underwear to stacking blocks. This was a very big deal for him to try so hard to do things on his own in the pool. Now, when it came to jump in, that was another story, but he did eventually do it on his own and came up smiling and asking how big of a splash he made (you don't even want to know all the drama it took to get him to do it!).

We all slept in this morning (does 7:00 a.m. really count as sleeping in?). I haven't slept well this week, but have been getting up at 5:30 to try to maintain a schedule, swimming apparently wore the kids out, and Brian went night fishing with his friend last night and was out until midnight. We're going to try the pool again today, and I think we'll take a picnic lunch. The pool time this week has certainly helped break out days up!

Brian and Camden and some of his youth group are going to a baseball game tonight. Rory and I are going to skip out on it and have a quiet night at home. We thought about going, but baseball is my least favorite sport and the thought of spending 4-5 hours in the heat and arriving home at midnight with her didn't sound like alot of fun!

Brian's parents are going to watch Camden and Rory tomorrow afternoon while Brian and I have a mini date. We're shopping for Camden's birthday and then maybe going to see a movie or go out for dinner.

For all my scrapping friends, I used Amanda Rockwell and Gina Miller's Picnic in the Park kit for the first page. The second page uses the July BYOC kit from The Lily-Pad.


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