A Blog Break

No one panic. LOL We're going out of town for the weekend so no new posts from me until sometime next week. I'll come back armed with lots of new scrapping material.

The weather outside was cooler and humidity-free yesterday so we spent quite a bit of time outside in the morning. I hadn't pulled my camera out all week so I decided to get it warmed up again so it would be ready for the weekend. I wanted to post these to show you that they don't all turn out good!

This picture is typical. I pull out the camera and Rory immediately starts with her fake smile. Camden, of course, is oblivious.
Look at her face. She was mad at him because he wouldn't move over.
We're hoping that Brian can finish up his in-service early today. If not, we're going to be on the road until about 1:00 a.m. this morning, which will not be fun. This is our first extended road trip with Rory - it's about an 8 hour drive. Hopefully, it won't be too traumatic! I'm in charge of finishing up the packing and getting the oil changed in the car this morning so I better get to it!

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Angie said…
Hey! Are you guys going to your parents house? We are headed to Illinois so if you are we may see you on the road somewhere. We are headed there for my Grandma's 80th Birthday. Hope you have a great weekend!
Just when I thought I couldn't possibly desire another scrapbooking kit...
Vonda and John said…
Hey - finally catching up with my friends blogs. I just love your entries and especially the pictures. Rory's smile is just so so cute! Don't break too long, ok?


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