Yesterday was kind of a rough day. Rory was attached to my hip and very tired and cranky. She cried more yesterday than she has in a very long time. Michael came and picked up Camden to take him out for lunch and to hang out with him for a bit (wasn't that sweet!), but he came home tired and threw more fits than I can keep track of. We sat down with him last night and let him help make up a behavior chart, so hopefully that will be help a bit.

I made the mistake of grocery shopping at our small town store yesterday. I'll never do it again! I cannot believe how much more expensive groceries are there. It was nice to save a bit of time, but it wasn't worth it! Not only were groceries much more expensive, they were clearly restocking shelves at 8:30 in the morning and took up the entire aisle so I couldn't make it through with my cart - quite frustrating! At least I was pretty much alone in the store.

If you're interested in seeing Becky's talk last week, you can go to Micah's blog here. Bring your tissues. I managed to compose myself and only cry through about 99% of it.

We had some much-needed rain last night and this morning so it's a pretty gloomy day, but it's helping keep the kids sleep in so I won't complain! I think I'm going to make a trip into Nashville this morning. I need to go to the library and I think I might hit up Target as well. I'm trying to participate in a consignment sale and need to get my supplies to tag my items.

Fizzy Grape Slushie by Zoe Pearn/Lauren Grier
Circle of Friends by Lili/Kate Hadfield


Brenna said…
The kids are just so precious, Melissa! Love seeing those pix. Hope things settle down after your nice trip~ travel always messes us up for a few days, too.
KrisJ said…
SOO Cute I just need to send you my photos and make you do my pages!!

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